A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a roguelike I made for 7drl. I wrote this game in Clojure to learn the language.

This is my first roguelike and my first 7drl. A lot of features I wanted did not quite make it into the game as I ran out of time. The stuff that I actually got going though is pretty cool.

I managed to get random level generation and A*-pathfinding going which I'm quite pleased about.

So about the game:

The idea is this rogue character is stuck in a loop of a functional program (most probably a lisp dialect). The enemy (A) is immutable, can't be killed and just respawns.

The only way out is to kill S-expressions by taking out pairs of parens. On each level you need to look for the pair of parens before you can use the exit `% `. When you enter the next form (level) you get some health back.

Ultimately you're looking for the backquote character to escape evaluation.


  • h left
  • u up-left
  • n down-left
  • l right
  • i up-right
  • m down-right
  • j down
  • k up
  • > exit to next level
  • q quit




neat-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar 3 MB